2016 Let’s crash it VSN!

Jordi Capdevila Espitia
2 min readFeb 11, 2016


After 1.5 years at VSN I have the feeling and I am certain that we are ready to take one step forward, but before that we need our sales people aligned, and have a great 2016. Bonus track, see below the video to learn how align a marketing and a Sales Team.

I know marketing is doing great, analytics tell us so, and competitors as well, which is good. Competitors have started copying us which means that we are doing something right, really.

If you see your competitors are copying you, keep on this track — You are doing great!

Want to see how each of our sales directors see the future ahead of us? They might be eloquent and optimistic, but they are the ones that must be, the ones that chase and get out on the field to make our dear customers better thanks to our technology. Take a look at them!

Well now, it is not just about selling but the journey towards making our customers happy, successful and grateful to trust on us.

If you take a look at the graphic on the right side you will easily see that Marketing affects half of the chart. And for this reason we, marketers, affect on the organization in front of prospects, contacts, and clients alike.

It might be a marketer theory or a marketing syllabus approach thought at universities. Maybe. But now think on how you buy things nowadays, how you make reflective purchasing decisions. Don’t you spend for most of +100$ purchase a thoughtful decision that takes you a few time of your brain on exploring, discovering and engaging with brands? Since the buyer is more and more empowered, the world over put more weight on marketers job, and we do love it.

On the sales side, it is not like they are losing any market size, but, their jobs got easier thanks to the steps marketers took forward, they have way more information, they do have more arguments to convince their prospects, and only companies using this information will do well.

We are one of us!

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