Happy back to work day

Jordi Capdevila Espitia
2 min readSep 1, 2015

It’s typical for entire families to celebrate the month of August by shutting down the computer and skipping to towns and resorts. From a raw numbers perspective, this counts as lost work (as I used to think). But that’s a short-sighted view, psychologists now say: In fact, by serving as the least productive month for millions of workers, August unexpectedly serves as a productivity-booster.

Today, 1st of September, seems to be the not so celebrated Back To Work International Day. Although thousands of people are back to their cubicles and they are supposed to be energy recharged from their time off, people the world over do not seem happy about it.

First thing firsts, I like to think of past experiences and events as: Be happy because it happened and not because it is over. This is a powerful statement that can be used for several purposes. For thinking of vacations too. Secondly, be happy because you do have a job, think of those who don’t and then you may turn your mood up a little bit. Lastly, if you are back to work and you may think as today as a bad day, rethink about your job.

Be happy to get back to work or rethink of your job today

Having a job, and having the one you have right now is a choice. You decided to apply for it, and ultimately to accept it. Therefore, if you don’t like it, it may be your fault. There can be several reasons why you are not happy about your job, but it is up to you today to shift those reasons in the upcoming season and get the wheel moving towards the direction you want.

I like to think of new year’s resolution as personal achievements that you want to reach throughout the year. As per today I like to think as the day you can make professional resolutions to set up new goals in your career.

Don’t take me wrong, everything is not black or white, grey is all what is in between. Think today of that promotion you want to get, that online course you want to study or that skill you want to improve, then go and get it. Think of today as the day you can rethink of your professional grow, and be happy because you had time off to disconnect and now is the time you are back to bring your best to your company.

Happy back to work day to everyone!

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