I am a Life Enthusiast

Behind every word, every sentence, there is always a meaning, and behind a personal statement there is a declaration of intentions. I define myself as a Life Enthusiast and I have recently been asked about what I mean with such words. The power of these two put together is somewhat unique in me.

Anyone who uses a tagline, to be somehow self-defined, should elaborate their own meaning. I strongly recommend the exercise of thinking deeply and writing down self-statements instead of just saying them out loud, in this way, you will build words to live by.

This statement to me works like a mantra, my personal motto or as a reminder to live life at its most.

The starting point to find out the meaning of a sentence is to define its words, and in a statement it has to be the singular interpretation of each of them:

Life — The pure existence of a self being, capable and with owned believes, decisions, actions and thoughts.

Enthusiasm — Intense enjoyment, passion, curiosity and gratitude towards something.

Now that the meaning of Life and Enthusiasm are interpreted in my own view, I can think through the meaning of these two words dancing together.

Life is limited by time, and the quantitive amount of it is unknown. Therefore, there is only one way to live, which is embracing every single moment and dismissing those moments that only take the enthusiasm out of life. As I pointed out before, live life at its most, and by most I mean at the maximum level of possible enjoyment.

Digging life as deep as possible is the way to find your treasure. And this can only be accomplished by embracing each and every moment, actively be aware of what surrounds you and make meaningful decisions that uplift your self-being. At the end of the day being a Treasurer of Life is being Life Enthusiast.

One last remark in a form of a quote, coming from the inspiring Tim Ferris’ TED talk, Why you should define your fears instead of your goals:

Easy choices, hard life
Hard choices, easy life
— Jerzy Gregorek

I would just add here: hard choices — easy life, fun, loads joy and exiting adventures.

Happy treasuring.

Originally published at http://jordice.com on November 20, 2017.




Thoughtful Marketing @seedtag , #CMO, building the bridge between #marketing and #sales. Making things happen. @FCBarcelona Fan

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Jordi Capdevila Espitia

Jordi Capdevila Espitia

Thoughtful Marketing @seedtag , #CMO, building the bridge between #marketing and #sales. Making things happen. @FCBarcelona Fan

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