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Jordi Capdevila Espitia
2 min readOct 20, 2015


After following Steli at for some time it is time to actually recommend him out loud.

Steli is the guy that sends me an e-mail every day (Sat and Sun included) at 2pm CEST — or what’s the same, 9am EDT (NYC time) — to shoot me with a quote that will push my day forward.

It is not just a quote, it is a video in HD, with a few suggestions and a call to action that makes you want to do more and take the most from the day ahead. I have been receiving this e-mail for over a month and I kept following their marketing communications because they serve me as inspiration beyond their day to day quotes.

It is not just a way to capture leads, it is a way to engage and drive success to their current clients, because what they sell at is a software as a service for sales teams, which I believe it goes beyond a CRM but I haven’t had the chance to try it to actually deepen into its benefits. However, I am a witness of their marketing efforts and I would like to point out a couple of great things they do to those marketers out there:

  • Video Marketing — They have great videos besides those they send out every day, they understand well that people do not want to read anymore, but watch and get a quicker idea of what companies are through videos.
  • Inbound Marketing — They curate content and educate their prospects and clients to succeed in their sales efforts, it is a win win strategy to leverage their users and followers and obviously, be found through search engines to get more and more interested people in their solutions.
  • Course Marketing — This is something that I have seen lately and it is a great way to capture leads, and something that we will plan soon at VSN. Offer your prospects a crash course on something you excel at. has one on sales (obviously), but the point here is the same as you do with Inbound Marketing, educate your prospects to outperform and you will win an advocate for life.

Even though I am not in Sales, but Marketing, I bet is worth a try, and you have the option to do so in a trial mode for 14 days that I would recommend to any sales manager that would like to test a fresh new start up software.

Lastly, I couldn’t leave this post today without giving some showtime to Steli, here is one of my favourites quotes he sent me:

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