Let’s start with thoughtful definition!

No need to explain Marketing or should I? I’ll get down to this into another post

To me thoughtful marketing defines the type of marketing I do with the companies I work for.

In a glimpse,

Thoughtful marketing is approaching all marketing communication showing consideration for the needs of the customer at the very beginning and thinking of marketing as a wholistic approach to give the right communication to internal stakeholders and customers alike.

Thoughtful Marketing Code:

  1. When planning any marketing activities start with your customer at the center of it.
  2. Involve thoughtful consideration: Think first, think second…

Behind every word, every sentence, there is always a meaning, and behind a personal statement there is a declaration of intentions. I define myself as a Life Enthusiast and I have recently been asked about what I mean with such words. The power of these two put together is somewhat unique in me.

Anyone who uses a tagline, to be somehow self-defined, should elaborate their own meaning. I strongly recommend the exercise of thinking deeply and writing down self-statements instead of just saying them out loud, in this way, you will build words to live by.

This statement to me…

It has been my pleasure to be part of DES 2016 Madrid and part of Salesforce Essentials 2016 Madrid, and Barcelona — That was a fun part of May / June this year, and the best of it is not just being in front of an audience to talk about what you have achieved so far and how great the products you are reviewing are, but the best is the journey where you learn and achieve something to talk about.

Becoming and advocate is not an easy path, it is about mastering at a product, service, tool, knowledge area…, so…

Another NAB Show is over for us and you can get a taste of it at the following video! Right after it, see the tips and tricks used to get ready for the interview!

Video interview made by InBroadcast

It might seem easy but it is not to deliver a short yet concise interview in a foreign language, however here are some handful tricks I use before getting in front of a camera and speaking out laud about anything.

Follow these 6 steps to get ready for any video interview

  1. The day before the interview, list each of the…

After 1.5 years at VSN I have the feeling and I am certain that we are ready to take one step forward, but before that we need our sales people aligned, and have a great 2016. Bonus track, see below the video to learn how align a marketing and a Sales Team.

I know marketing is doing great, analytics tell us so, and competitors as well, which is good. Competitors have started copying us which means that we are doing something right, really.

If you see your competitors are copying you, keep on this track — You are doing great!

Oh well, 2015 is almost over.

It was a year full of projects and life changing events. Here are a few in order to have them in a safe place to remember in the future.

In a brainstorming exercise we can see that marketing became more personal, big data kept booming, and science made a step forward in various fields. However how did I keep improving? or at least tried to.

First things first, personally speaking, some of the habits that I built-in this year and want to keep in 2016:

  • Take good care of family and friends, connect and reconnect with them as much as…

There is only one way to address this question successfully and it is with asking yourself another question:

What is your target audience when blogging?

Acknowledging the goal of your blog or company news feed, and targeting the audience that you are writing for will determine the language you blog in and shape the words and tone you will be using.

There is a goal behind any blog, from keeping a diary of your life journey, to help dozens of people on a specific topic. Whatever the goal is, the targeted audience can be from yourself, to a specific region…

After following Steli at Close.io for some time it is time to actually recommend him out loud.

Steli is the guy that sends me an e-mail every day (Sat and Sun included) at 2pm CEST — or what’s the same, 9am EDT (NYC time) — to shoot me with a quote that will push my day forward.

It is not just a quote, it is a video in HD, with a few suggestions and a call to action that makes you want to do more and take the most from the day ahead. …

During this edition of IBC 2015, VSN has presented its new cloud collaborative workflow, based on VSNEXPLORER’s partnership with Windows Azure, that creates an advanced and safe environment enabling collaboration from different locations on the same project. Users can now upload and download contents using the cloud, with transcoding, and files being editable from the moment that they are ingested. This new feature was presented together with Microsoft at the corporation’s stand, attracting a great deal of visitors and attention and certifying that VSN is at the vanguard of technological innovation.

Jordi Capdevila, VSN Marketing Director personally demonstrated its Media…

It’s typical for entire families to celebrate the month of August by shutting down the computer and skipping to towns and resorts. From a raw numbers perspective, this counts as lost work (as I used to think). But that’s a short-sighted view, psychologists now say: In fact, by serving as the least productive month for millions of workers, August unexpectedly serves as a productivity-booster.

Today, 1st of September, seems to be the not so celebrated Back To Work International Day. …

Jordi Capdevila Espitia

Thoughtful Marketing @seedtag , #CMO, building the bridge between #marketing and #sales. Making things happen. @FCBarcelona Fan

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